Investment Approach


A different kind of alternative assets hedge investment approach


Compared to traditional asset class funds, alternative investment hedge funds provide the possibility of higher returns with greated performance variations and typically somewhat iliquid. Despite focusing on alternative assets, Coinful Capital strives to be a liquid, short to mid-term, investment horizon for investors.




We achieve similar high returns expected from alternative investments hedge funds, but with less performance variations, while maintaining higher than expected liquidity. Coinful Capital achieves this by carefully customising each investment strategy as part of a multi-strategy approach to each portfolio. Combining different strategies with differing return, risk and horizon profiles enabling a blend that carefully balances exposure, risk and liquidity. 


Our focus on emerging, niche, or complex markets and transactions where we deploy our strategies provide high returns expected from such profile investemnt however coupled with a mindeset of short to mid-term liquidity by selecting a particular asset under a the particular set of circumstances or structure for the particular transaction. Such is the case with the selection of algorythmic trading (specialised strategies) in digital assets (emerging and niche market); or traditional asset strategies such as commodities (high liquidity) in non-traditional markets (niche markets) has proven to provide a good balance of risk-adjusted high returns.


For traded assets, we employ a technology-based approach incorporating algorithmic and high-frequency strategies such as long/short, market neutral, arbitrage, event driven, and quantitative/qualitative strategies in non-traditional markets.


At Coinful Capital, we also focus on opportunistic and specialist strategies, particular situations in niche or complex markets entering traditional markets, executing complex structures to access non-traditional assets or markets, or dealing with distressed assets.


Our strengths in having a broad geographical network to access opportunities in non-traditional markets allows us to exploit geo-arbitrage or cross-border strategies not typically explored generally by traditional hedge funds.

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