Coinful Capital is an alternative investments hedge fund providing investment opportunities to eligible investors that are seeking to benefit from opportunities in non-traditional markets or strategies. Alternative investments include investments in financial assets that do not fall into one of the conventional investment categories such as stocks, bonds, and forex


Alternative investments include:

Alternative investments are defined not only by the type of asset(s) involved but also by the investment strategies employed. Non-traditional strategies that go beyond traditional methods and traditional strategies but employed in non-traditional markets or sectors can also be considered in the alternative investment category.


At Coinful Capital we specialize in developing customized portfolios that are carefully constructed based on the strengths of our knowledge and abilities as well as the requirements of our investor base which includes family offices, institutions, and high net worth individuals. Our different portfolios provide investors with a myriad of alternative investment opportunities.


Although established in 2018, our foundations date as far back as 2007 with the founder’s establishment of a family office in Singapore focused on a wide spectrum of investments including financial technology, real estate, commodities, mining, leisure, and hospitality. With an initial capital of under USD $50 million, this family office grew to well over USD $200 million in a very short period.


In 2015 we ventured into the Blockchain and digital assets space with the establishment of a digital assets crowdfunding platform that saw it back more than 50 projects while helping them raise more than USD $400 million is capital. In 2016 our founders were part of a core group behind a venture studio and fund which focused on the incubation and acceleration of technology for various industries including finance, education, fashion, and gaming. 


While at this venture studio, one of the businesses we incubated was a proprietary trading platform using our knowledge in developing algorithmic trading and compliance software. We eventually spun off this into it's own business where the technology successfully went on to trade capital markets in Asia and also became our flagship technology platform for our foray into trading on digital assets markets.


In 2017 as trading opportunities started to emerge in the digital assets markets, we further developed and deployed quantitative trading strategies. Following some encouraging data and proven track record, we launched our fund Coinful Capital with an initial focus on algorithmic quantitative trading in digital assets through our Coinful Growth Strategy I portfolio.


The launch of Coinful Capital allowed us to further institutionalize our processes, accommodate the on-boarding of external investors, and allow us to seek investment opportunities in a more structured and disciplined manner. As we consolidated our digital assets trading expertise, we also brought with us our experience gained in qualitative investments from our crowdfunding venture, the operational knowledge from our venture studio days, and our financial expertise and track record with managing a family office. This ultimately culminated our journey of over a decade that brought together our people, our experience, our knowledge, and our track record into what has become a unique hedge fund. 


Since then Coinful Capital has further expanded based on our experience gained in other alternative assets, markets and strategies to become a true alternative investment hedge fund by launching our second portfolio less than a year after our maiden portfolio. Coinful Capital continues to seek out opportunities and has plans to launch other portfolios to exploit valuable opportunities to capitalize on market inefficiencies, complex deal structures, emerging or untapped markets, or sectors complemented by our proprietary network of resources in this highly lucrative, yet precariously volatile, alternative investments sector.


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