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Coinful Growth Fund I SP is an algorithmic quantitative trading portfolio deploying systematic strategies in digital assets and managed digital assets futures markets. The portfolio seeks to benefit from market inefficiencies and exploit market opportunities by deploying multiple trading strategies aimed at producing returns with limited down-side risk under various market conditions across digital assets and their derivatives products.

The digital assets market is nascent, having only recently grown from a market cap of $18 billion in 2017 to $800 billion at its height in 2018 and $270 billion as of 2020. While the market has since fallen since its high mark, it still represents a more than ten-fold increase in just a few years. By 2019, daily trading volume in the digital assets market reached $50 billion (close to the average turnover on the New York Stock Exchange), evidencing its growth potential and a clear signal that it is maturing as capital flows in.

The traditional derivatives market is an established trading opportunity long capitalized by algorithmic trading. Although margins have shrunk, the frequency of being able to execute thousands of trades per second through alhorithmic strategies and automation has allowed for a  consistent, yet somewhat predictable return, which is what we are also seeing in digital assets derivatives markets.

As digital assets trading environments have improved, so has the quality of the markets including spreads, liquidity, and transitory price impacts. Utilizing traditional existing strategies in the digital assets space, coupled with high frequency strategies in their respective derivatives markets is an alternative approach that employs proven techniques over a new asset class with risk-adjusted targeted returns.


Key Terms

Base CurrencyUSD
Acceptable Currencies


Investments in any other currency than the Base Currency will be converted at spot rate on the date funds are received

Minimum InvestmentUS$ 100,000
Lock-Up Period12 Months
Subscription Fee1.0%
Management Fee2.5% per annum
Performance Fee 30%
Target Returns (Annual)40%
Distribution PaymentQuarterly
Redemption Notice3 months


Above 25% suspended

for 1 quarter

Early Redemption Fee10%

Quarterly NAV

Monthly interim

reporting with

annual audit


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