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PIERCE 50 is a portfolio focused on opportunities in commodities trading, capitalizing on market inefficiencies through arbitrage between local and international markets. In particular, PIERCE 50 specializes in investing in opportunities in the gold market in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

PIERCE 50 is taking advantage of a fragmented market situation by aggregating gold locally in South Africa for sale in international markets. As PIERCE 50 holds a direct relationship with a licensed refinery in South Africa, it is not only benefiting from its operations as an intermediary, buying gold at deep discounts from small and medium sized producers, but also from the fact that it is not held to any minimum quotas while maintaining the ability to sell gold directly to international markets.

In the medium term, other African countries quickly evolving in similar ways as the South African gold mining sector did, foreseeing similar investment opportunities in other Sub-Saharan countries in the region (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia).

Investing in gold and gold related opportunities has been gaining momentum and becoming ever more relevant as a safe-haven alternative asset. We believe that investing in a counter-cyclical asset with low correlation to traditional assets, while remaining relatively liquid, is an attractive investment proposition for investors and traders to balance their portfolios.



Key Terms

Base CurrencyUSD
Acceptable Currencies


Investments in any other currency other than the Base Currency will be converted at spot rate on the date funds are received

Minimum InvestmentUS$ 100,000
Lock-Up Period12 Months
Subscription Fee1.0%
Management Fee2.5% per annum
Performance Fee 30%
Target Returns (Annual)40%
Distribution PaymentQuarterly
Redemption Notice3 months


Above 25% suspended for 1 quarter

Early Redemption Fee10%

Quarterly NAV

Monthly interim reporting with annual audit


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